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Need to stop bf but so hard!

Hi, my 8 month old has starting biting me when I feed her and even drawing blood! I've got to the point where I can't relax enough to let her feed. I also have one breast that has stopped producing so I am lop-sided. Really want to get her weaned onto a bottle or cup but she refuses anything. I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do.

Any advice please! :?


  • hi Nicola,

    Sorry to hear you're having such a tricly time with weaning you little one.

    I have no advice really as my daughter will take a bottle. She's 9 months now and I am currently weaning her off the boob as bacck to work/getting bitten etc.

    Maybe try a doidy cup if you havne't already?

    Sorry I have no further advice - hope it gets better soon

  • Hi nicola, i was in a similar predicament a few months ago - tried for 4 months to get LO to take a bottle as i had no end of trouble with breastfeeding but still managed 9 months and you have done amazingly getting to 8 months! I have now manged to give up completely as i started using playtex drop in bottles which is the only thing that she would take after spending about ??50 on different bottles and teats, they are American but you can get them from Amazon, the teat is latex and very soft so it is more like a boob than the harder silicone ones, the bottle also uses a bag which deflates as they drink so you dont end up with loads of air and wind. I have recommended them to friends who are also having problems and have worked wonders for them too. I really hope you get this sorted soon xx
  • Will she drink anything else from a cup, e.g. water with a meal? We had the same problem with DD, she'd drink water with no problem and with persistance, she eventually started drinking milk too (although it was v. messy and she didn't take much). I was in the process of dropping day feeds, so I'd make up the formula in a bottle and put it in the cup. One day she just grabbed the bottle and downed the lot with no fuss or mess (she was about 8 months at the time)
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