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BF and wine q?

Hi Ladies,

Im abit ahead of myself here but thought I'd ask whilst I think off it. Im due at beggining of Dec (2nd bubba, so excited) and am def BF this time around ;-D I have a question though. I'm not a big drinker, but normally have a glass or 2 of red wine with my Xmas dinner. Would that affect baby regarding the breast milk. If it will, then I will just forgo my Xmas tipple image


  • Treat things with your BF diet much the same as your pregnancy diet. Baby will still be eating what you take in but through your milk rather than your placenta. In short, drinking is fine but best kept in moderation.
  • Thanks hun. Will have 1 cheeky glass of vino then image
  • Thanks hun. Will have 1 cheeky glass of vino then image
  • You can express one feed and get rid of it topping baby with previously expressed and stored milk or formula. You could feed baby after 4 hours again.
  • This is known as a pump and dump! Pump the milk after wine and dump it. Personally I'd rather not drink that spend upto 30 mins pumping just to watch it trickle down the drain!
  • don't pump and dump, its completely pointless, a glass of vino will do baby no harm and will disappear from your milk as it does from the rest of your body!!
  • My friend is a breast feeding councilor and she did a demo for and said that as long as it just a couple of units then it makes no difference and not to pump and dump!

    hope that helps
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