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it's a blue one


had the scan today ( a week late cos i got the date wrong - what an idiot!) and it turns out that Addison is going to have a baby brother. I should be on top of the world that we will have one of each as ' that's the dream' so i'm told but i wanted another girl. I was disappointed at first but i'm coming around to the idea. he is very cute and sweet looking. i just hope he's a lover not a fighter! to be honest, part of the reason i'm disappointed is because i had some gorgeous girls names and hubbie and i CANNOT agree on a boys name. he likes the boring ones, me the more unusual. anyone else having names problems?

R x


  • Hi ya

    Congrats on your blue news... we're team blue too, and whilst I am delighted I had convinced myself I was having a girl so was a little bit shocked and maybe a smidgeon disappointed but the more I come round to the news the happier I am...

    Re names, we were actually struggling with girls names but we did have a boys name all picked,,, but now we know its a boy we're back debating whether it is the right name or not! No idea if we will decide before bubba arrives or have a few/top three and then wait till we meet him to decide what name fits best...

    Currently my top three are




    But i also really like Max, Riley, Travis, Finlay and Logan so he could end up with any of these really...!
  • Hi Babyvogue

    I've not been on here for a while and was originally DIF until my dating scan confirmed 31/01/12.

    Anyway, congrats on your baby boy! We paid for a private scan on 22/08 and found out that we are due to have a boy too. This is our first together, although hubby has a boy and girl from a previous relationship.

    Like you I was really hoping for a girl and feel a bit guilty that I was slightly disappointed as I had loads of girls names and seen loads of outfits I had wanted to buy! We are exactly the same about boys names and anything I suggest I'm told no! Just hoping we can both agree on one by the time he is here!

    Names that I have in mind are;






    Nik, love the names you have, although I know I will probably be told no to them too, I also know people with about three of your names so they are ruled out too!

    Hopefully we will all have a name by the time they arrive!

    Good luck xx
  • Ahh hun a boy is fab, Im sure you are just in shock. You will def come round. Congratulations xx
  • ahh hun congratulations you'll soon get used to the idea xx
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