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Evening ladies,

Got my 20 week scan tomorrow! Woohoo! Just wondering if anyone had picked names for there babies yet. We are stayin team yellow tomorrow but have decided on the following

Emilie May

Ethan James or Cameron James

Everyone keeps asking us if we've picked names but we want to keep them to ourselves until babies born so have said 'we arent discussing names until he/she arrives'!

Cant beleive we're half way there already!

Em & little legs



  • That's a sore subject with us. We have a girls but the boys we can not decide on. We are not telling anyone like you especially family as so fed up with people having an opinion. Xx
  • We had Beatrix Amelie for a girl, but my bumps blue and we've decided on Isaac Thomas. We're not telling anyone either as people comment in a rude way and think their opinion matters!
  • I have 3 boys names that I love, but absolutely zero girls names. Nothing seems to scream out to me, and i'm wondering whether this is because i'm convinced its a boy anyway?

    Either way, our families are trying desperately to get the names I do like out of us, but like you all we're keeping them secret until baby is born x
  • hey hun

    we're having a nightmare with the names. with my little girl, we couldn't decide on boys names so were doubly happy that she was a she but this time around we've found out it's a boy and we still cannot agree. i HATE everything that he likes and he thinks everything that i like is either awful or OK. he doesn't love any of them. For me, i have to LOVE the name as i'm going to be saying it hundreds of times a day. We argued about names all night yesterday! help! x
  • I thought it was just me being silly not sharing our names but i really sick to death of people sticking there nose in...even if they do mean well.

    Emilie is the only girls name DH and i agreed on!

    BabyVouge - what kind of names u after? I found the baby name book useless, just added to the confusion

    E x
  • they are gorgeous names hun. We struggled in the beginning with boys names but we decided on Remy William a few months before he was born and it suits him perfectly. This time we are struggling more with girls names that we love as much as Remy xx
  • We're ok with girls have chosen Freya, Sophie or Lucy with Jennifer (my mum's name) as a middle name. I think Freya is my first choice at the moment but cannot agree on a boys name. We couldn't agree last time either on boys but had loads of girls, eventually we settled on Zachary Joseph.

    I have an awful feeling that because we can't decide again it means we're having another boy! Hubby suggested Laurie last night, and my son kept going round saying Laurie all evening so hubby thinks we should stick with that, but I think my son just thought we said Lorry. Hubby did also suggest Xavier, which I am coming round to. I cant imagine Laurie being an adult and it really matters to me that whatever we have has a nice child's name but something they can grow up with and be taken seriously if they are a lawyer or such like.

    I heard the name Xander today which I think i like. Middle name we think is going to be Thomas, which I'd like as a first name but hubby doesn't.

    We're not telling too many people but I have told a couple of close friends, more to judge their reaction than anything.
  • Xander was on my boys list, as was Beau and Rocco xx
  • Lovely names lades, We're having Lexie I think, I called my first little girl Olivia and Lexie was my second choice so seens as we're having another princess Lexie it is. My mum has already said she hates it, but I love it and thats all that matters. If it was blue, we liked Oscar, Hugo and Bailey.

    Jen x x
  • Ah lovely names ladies - i had lexi and freya on my list of girls names but hubby didnt like them!

    Mildred - Remy's unusual, never heard that before! what a lovely name.

    I've come to the conclusion my husbands choice in names is pants! :lol:
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