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Family cars and boot space!


I've decided it's time to sell my sporty a3 and opt for a nice family car now that will have two car seats in the back...

Need something comfortable with a big boot - any suggestions? Anyone else thinking of changing cars? Don't think I will ever get the perfect boot size , mine just about fits in my pram which is why I'm alwaays taking my lightweight buggy everywhere instead as it takes up a quarter of the room lol

any suggestions I welcome , thanks


20+1 xxxx


  • A lot will depend on your budget and what cars you like.

    We switched from a megane to a C4 when DS was born as the megane was too small. Our lease runs out on the C4 just as baba 2 is due so we're already starting to look again - preferably for something bigger as we still tend to use a roofbox to get everything in when we go away for longer trips.

    Top thoughts at the moment (even if they aren't in budget) are the C4 Picasso, Skoda Octavia (as it has a massive boot and can be pretty cheap yet reliable), mazda6 is something one of my friends has, Ford Cmax seems to be popular with others (not for me as I don't like Fords), and the Zafira or Toyota Verso. The new Hyundai i40 tourer also looks great if you've got the budget.

    If we struggle then we might just get a replacement C4.
  • Def recommend either Picasso either the c4 if your buying new or zsara Picasso if second hand. Is much cheaper as the c4 Picasso is the replacement model. X
  • I have a volvo V50 estate which sounds like a big horrible square old man volvo but its not at all and has a big boot. The V70 is also huge. Depends if you want an estate/people carrier I supose.

    Jen xx
  • I've got a Honda CRV and I love it.

    The boot's huge and the back seat is high so I don't break my back getting DD in and out.

    It looks like a 4x4 but the 4x4 only kicks in if I start to skid or slide (on ice or something) so it's pretty economical - I get 43 mpg.

    It's really comfy and easy to drive and I feel very safe in it.

    Mrs B xx
  • Hi

    thanks for all the advice - lots of cars there spoilt for choice!

    I love thought of having a ppl carrier but then thought it seemed a bit premature with 'only' 2 kids.

    We decided to just get a normal car and then ppl carrier for baby no. 3 haha (if it happens lol )

    someone we know is selling a second hand b class merc will check that out for space and take it from there. Have seen the c4 on the road that looks spacious too.

    Love changing my car , finally have an excuse to!!

    Sb xx image
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