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Private gender scan yesterday and.....

Its a girl!!!!!!!!! We are soooo pleased as we have two boys already so it will be nice to buy pink frilly things this time.

We didnt find out with the boys but as this is our last little one we (I) couldnt wait to know if I would get to do the girlie things I dont get currently. As much as I love rough and tumble, pirates and swords I can't wait to do the girly thing too.

The sonographer at babybond said 'they are not allowed to say 100% but they could use the image from my scan as the guildline to a girl' and laughed. They also put up 4D images for you to see and provide pitures (you can buy the DVD if you want but I've never been that bothered) got to say though the picture of her face is amazing!

Sorry to babble, I am so excited... going to surf the net for pink stuff now :lol:


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