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Qu about morning sickness (also in DIApril)

Hi everyone

Just a quick question about morning sickness/nausea - is yours the same everyday or does in vary in intensity?

For the last few days I've been feeling SO sick and really struggled but it hasn't been quite so bad since getting up this morning...and now I'm panicking!!

I have been wearing those travel sickness wrist bands since yesterday so not sure if this is helping

Thanks xx


  • Hi,

    Mine really varies, some days i wake up feeling terrible and others im ok. Its usually first thing in the morning thats the worst and i make myself have a cuppa and a rich tea biscuit and that seems to help. They say bland foods and little and often helps xx
  • From what i understand morning sickness can come and go, can be different intensities through out the day and won't neccessarily be the same every day.

    Luckily iv not had sickness yet, just a whole load of nausea!!

    X x
  • it's probably the travel sickness band helping, that's tyhe reasonu bought it, no? if ur worried then give ur gp or mw a call x
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