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Familiar feelings

Hey guys,

I need some advice/support/opinions, the last few days i've been feeling off and not myself, streaming nose one day, extreme back ache the next, feeling teary and hormonal and very, very, very sore boobs, like ridiculously can't wear a bra sore I hate symptom spotting but these symptoms are pretty familar! I had a mc the end of may and i had the same things just not as bad, esp the boobs. I'm only a few days late and i didn't even notice until i realised my boobs were sore and i was bursting into tears every 10 mins one day. I've never had period pain/symptoms and i've had a period since the mc, which although was more painful then i'm used to was pretty normal.

Things haven't been great between me and hubby since the mc, i haven't coped very well but have kept it bottled up, we've only slept together twice this month.

I know the only thing to do is test but i can't see another positive for it to end in nothing but heartbreak because i'm not sure i'm strong enough anymore image never been so scared in my life


  • Hi Nikki,

    I'm so sorry for what you are going thru. I really think you need to not bottle up your feelings and talk about your loss with your hubby. I had a mc in April and things were pretty weird with my hubby because I also bottled my feelings because I felt guilty for not being able to get over my loss.

    My hubby sat me down and pointed all this out to me and said he knew but didn't know how to tell me. It is normal for you to be upset and also natural to feel scared too. We waited a few months before trying properly because I wasn't ready emotionally to ttc again although I was desperate to be pregnant.

    I think your emotions will also be intensified if you are also hormonal. Why don't you try talking to your other half and explain all of the feelings and emotions you have just now. I am sure it will be a weight off your mind just to let it all out as it worked for us. Your hubby will possibly be feeling helpless and also need to talk.

    I have coped so much better since I had a long talk with my hubby and had a good cry. Maybe then you can test together.

    Remember we are always here to listen if you want to chat.

    Sending you a nice warm hug and bucket load of sticky baby dust.

  • Hi

    Firstly I am keeping everything crossed for you but can understand how nervous you must be even with a BFP, your'e not alone in how your relationship has taken the strain, its such an emotionally difficult time but as pinkchick says it really helps to have a good chat/cry with oh as they've also lost their bean too but not been through it physically - look after yourself and be kind to yourself and to your oh if poss

    best wishes

  • thanks for your replies,

    I did a test and it was positive which is great but i'm already so emotional the worry about the baby is worse, i've spent 2 days going from stupidly happy to sobbing my heart out, with that the exhaustion, heartburn and feeling sick most of the day, i'm a bit of a wreck really. To frightened to tell anyone, to frightened to move in case it goes again, even to frightened to post in anywhere but ttc in case i jinx things image According to the calculator i'm 7weeks 4 days but I only ovulated about 3 weeks ago so not sure whats going on with that.
  • congrats on the BFP!! I know its easier said than done but try and keep busy, stay positive and be kind to yourself, hope the time goes quickly for you - keep us posted -

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