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Winding help please!


my daughter Addison is 2weeks and 5days old and she is struggling to get her wind up.

She has her bottle of between 3 and 4 ounces every 3 hours. We try to wind her halfway and at the end of every feed but nothing really comes up. We give her infacol at every feed too, but this does not seem to work.

Around once a day she will projectile vomit, but other than that she kicks her legs up and screams, which we know its stomach ache.

Also, when we put her down to sleep she has a rasping noise on her chest (sounds like she is a smoker of 50 a day!!! - both of us don't smoke too!), and she has the hiccups around 2-3 times a day.

The midwives and health visitor say that there is nothing to worry about but my instinct telss me other wise.

Ive had gripe water suggested to me - anyone used it?

Please can anyone give advice??


  • Hey, my little boy is 3 weeks today and has similar problems.

    The rasping is totally normal, he had a lot of mucas on his lungs when born and the health visiter says most new borns are very snuffly.

    You can't use gripe water until they are 1 month old. There is another colic remedy called colief. You can buy it for ??10 or get it prescribed.

    We find putting him in differenet positions helps get his wind up and giving him a warm bath before teh evening crying starts really calms him down and crying never as bad after, I massage his tummy and move his legs around as that helps get the wind our.

    Also have you tried a dummy and the sucking action really helps soothe them and helps them calm down. I was worried about giving one but the health visiter told me to do it and it has helped.

    We also use dr brown bottles and he swallows far less air than he did with tommee tippee. hope this helps xx
  • my hubby just gone out to buy the dr.brown bottles as we have the tommee tippee ones. My midwife recommend faster teats and we couldnt believe it because she is not struggling to feed just the wind - which if she takes more quicker then its only going to get worse.

    My mum has mentioned gripe water and said we all had it from birth but obviously im going to follow the guidelines as it was 27 years ago she had me so things change.

    thank you for the reply x
  • Sorry to gate crash but I had this with my DD. We changed from Tommee Tippee bottles to Dr Browns and saw a remarkable difference. Deffo worth investing in a set. x
  • The dr browns really do help don't they.

    I've also found (by accident!) that the sound of the tap running, standing under light fittings (he loves staring at them) and lots of ssshhing and tapping his bottom seem to help calm him. I've found giving him infacol before each feed really makes him do huge burps which he was really struggling with before xxx
  • Dentinox colic drops!!

    Infacol didn't work at all with my DS and we used colief with DD but they're such a faff!

    With Dentinox u can either give it to them straight into their mouth or mix it in the milk, which is what i did cos it tastes yuk! My DS went from hardly bringing any wind up to doing massive man sized burps, so in my opinion it's good stuff!


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