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fertility appointment - worried

im really worried at the moment as i have my first fertility appointment on the 20th sept. Im worried as me and hubby are both only 22. ill be 23 on the 21st. I really dont want them too look down on us for being so young. were the same as everyone else but have started our family earlier than others. me and hubby have been together since we were 14. i have a 6 year old daughter who we had at 16. We have our own house, car, hubby has a very well paid job that provides for everything and i have just finished my law degree and about to proceed on to do my teaching qualification. people that know us wouldnt think twice about us having another child, our daughter never goes without, but i cant helpn thinking that the fertility specialist will just think WHY??? and do very little to help us.


  • Aw hun please don't worry they are not there to judge but to help.

    I expect they have seen younger people than urselves

    X x
  • It is not their role to judge you, I really wouldn't worry about it. You may find they advise you try for bit longer just because of you are young and fertility should be on your side, but I really wouldn't worry about them judging you in any way - it's absolutely none of their business.
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