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CD3 blood tests: 'raised FSH'- please can you help explain implications?

Hi Everyone,

I've just phoned the hospital for my CD3 blood results and have been told that everything was fine, apart from my FHS which was raised and indicative of 'reduced fertility'. The Specialist Nurse I spoke to said that this would mean I would not be eligible for IVF in the future, but that they would 'try' clomid as previously planned. It didn't sound as though clomid was very likely to help- but this might have just been my interpretation! I would be really grateful if any of you have gone through this and could explain what it means- I'm going to spend some time on the internet trying to work out what FSH is for and why it needs to be below 12- but you ladies usually have all the answers so I thought I'd ask you first!

Really hope you can help xx


  • Mrsh3 sorry hun but I have no idea but I very much expect one of the others know the answer.

    Ian assuming if it was something really bad that would hamper ttc they would have gone a bit more into detail but I really don't know.

    X x x
  • I've just been reading on line and am now REALLY worried... It sounds as though high FSH is associated with low numbers or low quality of eggs and that there is no effective treatment other than using an egg donor. Am really worried- and really frightened :cry: Does anyone know any more about this? It's all feeling a bit hopeless -I don't know if this is ever going to happen for us. xx
  • I know its Follicle Stimuating Hormone and does exactly what it says it does. But they don't usually use that to check egg reserves, usually they use AMH (don't know what that stands for!) Have you had 21(ish) day boods yet? Surely they need all the information before they can make any decisions?

    I'm afraid I would not entirely believe what the nurse says, as athough all the nurses at my clinic are lovely and have been so hepful, their information has been a bit dodgy. Do you have another appt with your consultant? Failing that, I booked an appt with my GP who went through all my referral letters and explained everything to me in laymans terms. It really helped.

    T x
  • Thanks Windy- good advice about the nurses. It all sounded so bleak, but I'm hoping that it's not as final as she made it sound. I'll be seeing the consultant when I have my HSG (which fingers crossed will be in about 3 weeks time) so should be able to ask lots of questions then.

    Yes, I had CD19 bloods a few times and it just came back 'ovulation unlikely' or 'no luteal phase'. That's why I'm so worried about the eggs- I don't know whether they've checked for AMH- does that happen at CD3 or CD21 bloods? Thanks for getting back to me! This ttc lark never gets any easier does it? How are you doing? xx
  • I think AMH is taken at any time. Mine was done at 21 days, I think.

    I can't imagine why they think clomid would work, but IVF wouldn't, so I think its best to wait to see consultant.

    I'm not bad, just awaiting Lap, dye and Ovarian drilling. Hoping this heps, but apparently its only temporary. I'm concentrating on losing weighy now, as that should help with pcos.

    T x
  • Hey Windy, have you got an appointment for your lap, dye and ovdrill? It must be good to feel like something definite is happening for you! How temporary is the effect?

    I don't have a clue why they want to prescribe clomid- total waste of time if all my eggs are substandard anyway! Whole concept of egg donor is a scary one, but I bet there's a HUGE waiting list, so feel like I'd rather get onto that waiting list sooner rather than later really. My list of questions for the consultant is becoming longer by the second!! Very grateful for the support in lttc though- think I'd be a mess without it! It's a subject hardly anyone talks about openly in the real world out there so is always great to chat to everyone else going through similar things xx
  • Lap and dye in 11 days! Very excited! Its totally weird how I'm happy about it, but I know you guys understand!

    I've thought a lot about all the possibilities for us and I'm pretty open-minded. I've considered egg sharing if it gets to ivf, as I have eggs, they just want to stay in my friggin ovaries! As good as useless there!

    Try to relax (I know, as if!!!)as I've been on these forums for 2 years now (its actually 2 years ago today since I lost our baby) and its amazing the stories you hear of people who have been told there is absolutely no chance, whether sperm are lowest of the low, or egg quality, or quantity poor. Nature has a way of getting there and so many people have had miracle, natural bfp's.

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