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Is feeding the second one easier than the first?


After a tricky start I BF my DD for 14 months and I'm planning on doing the same for number 2 who's due in January.

I can't help expecting it to be much easier this time and I'm wondering if I'm being a bit naive thinking that.

Share your experiences please second time mummies!


Mrs B xxx


  • Well I'm BF no.2 and it is very different but not how I thought. My first son latched perfect from the first feed and we had no pain etc but I was new to breast feeding and found it very stressful during growth spurts etc and he had reflux too which was challenging as he wasn't prescribed anything until 8 months

    This time round I've found it more difficult to get the latch right which has caused quite a bit of discomfort and blisters etc, he's coming up to 4 weeks old now and we've cracked it but sometimes still have to reposition him a couple of times but my attitude to feeding is so different. I have always been very pro breast feeding but I did used to get stressed with constand feeding during growth spurts, wondering whether he was hungry or thinking 'he can't still be hungry'. This time round I'm just so accepting and calm about the whole thing which is lovely.

    I'm also totally not bothered about feeding in public. I wasn't that bothered first time round but was a bit of a nervous first time mum, now I feel like an old hand at it and just whip it out wherever and get my baby fed (muslin at the ready for modesty, for averyone else really I'm not that bothered)

    Hope it all goes well for you x x x good luck
  • I bloody hope so, due my 2nd in april. My first was a rubbish feeder til the day I stopped when he was 13 months lol
  • YES, bad times with my first and we didnt last long but this time were going great, i think as i'm a little less stressed we got through the difficuties without giving up,
  • Yes, i had lots of problems with my first and found it sooo hard mentally too. It was such a shock to discover how intense bfing can be.

    I haven't had as many problems this time and i'm much more relaxed about bfing. I knew what to expect and it's going more smoothly. I know alot of mummies find it easier second time round.

    Good luck!
  • I struggled with the first. I still got a little sore with the second but no where near as bad as the first. I knew what felt right and wrong and was able to put it right. Mentally I was more prepared for how hard and tiring it was going to be too so that wasn't a shock. Much easier second time
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