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My 5 weeks old baby suffers with trapped wind. We have so far tried Infacol (which didnt work) Dentinox (which worked, but seems to be less effective the longer we use it) and today have tried gripe water (which doesnt seem to bring up any big burps so far but she quite likes it). Anyway, as well as the burpy-ness, she also farts more than any baby I have ever known. She can be really settled one mminute, then she will let out an awful cry followed by a fart so I can only assume the trapped gas is hurting her. I know that infacol/dentinox/gripe water will not help with bowel gas, but I was wondering if colief might? Has anyone had any success with it? We have already tried switching formulas from SMA to Hipp Organic and it hasnt made any difference really.

Can anyone help?


  • the colief helps break down the milk so i'm not sure it will help with wind as such but its worth a try, at ??12 a week its pretty pricey though, our pct wont prescribe it tight wads!

    have you tired a comfort formula? is she pooing ok?
  • not really, she gets constipated so we give her boiled water a couple of times a day. The health visitor said today that she might be struggling with lactose so ive got to speak to the doctor next week and see. Also got to get her weighed more regularly because her weight gain has slowed down and she has dipped below the curve. We switched formula from SMA to Hipps and she was good for a couple of days but we are now back to where we started. im scared to keep changing formulas though incase it is too tough on her tiny digestive system. Thanks for replying xx
  • google or youtube "tiger in a tree" position. it was the only way we could get our babe to bring her wind up and it helped to settle her colicky belly.
  • if it is a lactose problem them colief will help, also a formula specific to colic and contipation might help x
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