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A little bit of good news....

Hello girls

Ive popped over here a few times over the last few months as we have been trying for almost a year and a half with no success. Miscarried last year and thought that had been our last chance. I am 41 and was recently told that my AMH levels were so low that any chance of conception was low. Advised IVF was our only option. With that info we decided that at our age it would put too much pressure on us both emotionally and financially and it was time to try and move on. Today AF is 4 days late, and hubby made me test last night. Our BFP popped up almost immediately. I know we have a long way to go, but we have defied all their statistics and we are pregnant.

I want to thank you for your support, and also wish you all success. This has been a long and heartbreaking journey, but I hope and pray that fate is smiling on us and this little passenger will stay put.

I never believed this would happen again to us...but it has.

Never give up hope ladies, you really never know xxxx


  • Let me be the first (well on here :lol: ) to congratulate you, that is wonderful news and you may have just picked me up of the floor! Yesterday I got the news my eggs are fading fast, Im 34 with block tubes aswell, I like to be awkward image Need to wait 24 months at least for ivf, so wont know until then the outcome but you have gave me serious hope.

    I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy, fabulous news xxxx
  • Thankyou so much. I started reflexology and also taking dhea. It's supposed to help with low amh. Don't give up, it will happen for you. Sometimes we just have to wait a little longer. Good luck xxx
  • What an amazing story tashelby I'm so happy for you! Wishing you a H&H 9 months x
  • Tashelby!! That is amazing amazing news! So pleased.

    Do u think the reflexology helped a lot? I too got my BFP after having reflexology.

    Congrats Hun x x
  • Congratulations!!! A good news story image What is dhea, can I ask? I have a "lower than they'd like" egg reserve, and with all the waitin around for treatment, I'm keen to do all I can to help!
  • Congratulations Tashelby! Pah! To statistics! hahaha!

  • Thats amazing news! Congratulations! image x
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