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Im pregnant aswell!!!! :o

well ladies i got a very unexpected BFP yesterday lunchtime it has felt like a dream ever since & i keep havinto look at the test in my bag!

I am proof that natural family planning does not always work! image I have long cycles not as long as they were but still much longer than average. You'd think then that dtd not long after AF would be safe but Noooooooo! it seems for the 1st time since 2008 I had a regular normal cycle & hey presto bubba no. 5 is on the way!!

Hubby thought i was joking & had to get out of bed to check the 2 tests! i was so worried he'd be upset or cross but he's grand a little shocked but ok about it, he's no friggin choice though really :lol: I was just totally numb yesterday had no feelings one way or another but now its sinking in i'm quite excited today, if all goes well, my Lukey will have a playmate so im pretty pleased about that image xxx


  • OMG! yay!!!!!

    so many of us up the duffage, who'd have though eh??

    5 is fab, i am one of 5 image

    love u loads babe xx
  • he he - yay!! I can't believe so many of us are pg again and we'll be having them around the same time(ish). Congratulations again xxx
  • thanks girlies!!

    Rosie i miss you from the group loads :cry:

    yea got a bit of a land now, alternating between blubbering OMFG what will we do!! to Ok its only one more & babies are blessings image the latter of which ive always thought anyway, but we were both finished no broodiness no thinking of 'the next one' we were done & very content with our 4, ive even given away all my neutral & blue stuff & have been looking at strollers so i can sell my travel system. I love babies but you cant keep having them just because you love them! I was at a medium before i fell with Luke who said there were 2 side by side a boy & a girl she said they were twins & she definately saw me as a mother of 5 I laughed in her face, but secretly sh!t my pants cause there are fraternal twins in my family! Maybe it meant 2 close together!! :lol:
  • Me too! Baby 1 was 8th nov 2010 image now 6 wks x
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