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My 11 day old baby is falling asleep half way through feeds...

My HV has said to move him up to the next size teat but they are for 3+ months and as he is only 11 days old im worried he's too young for them....have you any experience in this and what would your advice be?

I use the Tommee Tippee bottles.

Thanks in advance for any advice you have!


  • Hey sorry saw this on the home page!! My DD was a nightmare for this (she's now 14 months) started off bf but she would fall asleep constantly. I used to give her milk cold from the fridge and when she fell asleep gently touch the side of her face with the bottle. HV recommended stripping her down to her nappy tickling her feet and a nappy change mid feed but it still took an age to get a bottle down her !! Good luck xxx
  • Abby does this too. I change her nappy half way through the feed and then she will finish it xx
  • That's a good idea, i hadnt thought of that! I always change his nappy before so i dont have to unsettle/upset him before he goes back to bed, but a mid-feed change is a good idea!

    I changed the bottle teats to vari-flow and he's taking more on every feed so that's good but he still slips into a coma like state when feeding which is so cute but annoying when i want to make sure he's getting the food he needs!

    The health visitor came on Tuesday and weighed him and he's gone from 7lbs 3oz to 7lbs to 10oz so he's definitely getting the food he needs!

    Thanks for your help ladies image
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