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Hi ladies,

Hope you don't mind me g/c'ing image

I am thinking of using reusables with my no2 when he/she arrives & just wondered if anyone had any recommendations of particular brands or tips for using them, how many to buy etc?

Thanks so much, any advice would be very welcome image



  • hello

    we are a bumgenius fan, they are pocket nappies so have the same function as disposables, see if your council do a cloth trial, some lend out different brands to try, theres so many on the market and not all suit all babies, they start at around ??10 per nappy and go up depending on what they are

    the reusables forum on here has loads of info,

    we wash every 2 days and i have 20 but you can get away with less esp if you use liners so can remove that when baby poos and its not wet, also if you use the wraps you need less, we dry pail in a bucket with a lid on which keeps the smell at bay, i wouldnt persoanly bother with a fancy kit, we have a wetbag that we take out to store nappies until we get home, kinda like a swim drawstring bag,

    i got most of mine new off ebay and some from babipur when on offer
  • I second bumgenius,they are very easy to use! Have also used babipur who were very helpful!

  • We use Bambino Mio but I've got a pocket nappy from Wee Notions (it was his first birthday, I treated him!) and a couple of other pocket nappies I've made. We use fleece liners, so they're washable too, and they keep wetness away from his skin. I can't recommend cloth enough!
  • Thank you for the information girls!

    Which bumgenius nappies have you got Jojo & piggypops? There's v3 & v4 that I can see?!

    Might try my son in them whilst I'm waiting for no2image

  • I have a few bumgenius V3's and like them now.

    my main advice would be don't by anything in bulk ahead of time. try things on your baby first. I bought a birth to potty set as my friend was using them and loved them and had bought them on a recommendation from her friend. But DS is a heavy wetter, and I just couldn't get on with them. Big waste of money. I think fill your pants do a trial set with a few different types.
  • they ate the v3 i think, they are older style ones with the velco as appose to the poppers
  • yeah its the v3's we have too! weenotions are great too but rather pricey!! we have a few itti bittis as well which i love and as lo is very skinny they fit her really well but dont think they fit all babys that well!

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