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Wind at last feed

am breast feeding my 3 week old baby with a nipple shield - contrary to the fears that nipple shields reduce milk supply, my baby has never lost weight and is piling on the pounds! At his last feed i try and make things tranquil for him, dimming lights, giving him a warm bath etc but its totally upset by me having loads of milk last thing at night - he gulps and splutters and pulls off with terrible wind. Its awful to watch, he screams and then gets mad as wants more food, but of course more food causes the same problmimage the rest of the day he gets a bit of wind (im sure the shiled makes this a bit worse) but nothing we cant handle - its the last feed, when i seem to have far too much for him to cope with.

I know this is a problem that would be envied by lots of people and im lucky to have a good supply, but i dont know what to do to help him..its not like i can control it!! Do you think i should express first to help him out? He is normally a very chilled out baby and am not used to seeing him like this imageimage


  • Hi,

    I had this problem too and used to express a bit before the feed so it didn't gush out.

    Don't worry, it won't be for long as your supply will calm down in a few weeks when your boobs get the hang of it all and stop over producing.

    Mrs B xxx
  • Hi, my DS is 9 weeks tomorrow and we exclusively breastfeed. I have exactly the same problem as you as my let down is so fast that my DS often coughs and splutters. I thought the let down would have sorted itself out by now but it is exactly the same as when he was first born, it's crazy it's like a running tap sometimes!

    The one problem with expressing a bit first is that my DS can be a bit impatient and ends up being more frustrated with havijng to wait for feeding!

    Good luck x
  • thanks ladies, i had to pump 5 mins each side tonight as he was so distressed. I was deflated as i didnt let down to the pump very well! But it seemed to make a difference anyway as the feed went much more smoothly. Think ill have to do this every evening for a bit as the feed goes on for 2 hours of gulping and screaming otherwise its awful x
  • hi ladies

    tonight henry had 35 min feed starting at ten to six. He has his bath at 7ish but you cant make a hungry baby wait. By 7 ish he was a bit grumpy, id expressed only 20mls image dont know if i dont let down to the hand held pump very well but it was post feed. My boobs felt quite soft so hoped for the last feed we'd do a lot better and i had the 20mls in the bottle to calm him.

    He loved his bath and didnt even cry when i got him out. Onto the right boob - it wasnt as bad as before, but he was still glugging and crying out with a shriek like he does when it hurts. Lots of winding but no burps and him trying to wriggle back to the boob all the time. Tried to give him the bottle he took 10mls with difficulty and shrieking a lot. So in the end put him on the left boob which started off with faster flow but settled and he had a quiet rest of feed. After he went down he started crying so went back to him, he had 3 good burps and 5 more mins on left boob to settle him off to sleep.

    I dont understand how after a 35 min feed and expressing, and boobs that feel soft, he has this problem with gulping and unable to cope with flow, when at other times - often when my boobs are much fuller - he's fine. Is it partly him? Wouldnt have thought he was starving as had fed not that long before. Maybe the bath winds him up? He was so stressed out breathing really fast bless him image still plan to express a bit before last feed as it was better than last night and we did get him down sooner, but he's clearly still distressed. image
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