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10 month old not eating with hands

imogen is now 10 months and she still wont eat with her hands.

we weaned with purees and finger foods and she was doing fine, now she has worked out a) it can be thrown on the floor b) it can be smushed up in her hand and then go on the floor.

how do i stop this?? i cant keep wasting food?


  • hey hunny, it's issy xx

    oliver is the same with food, he think's it's to be thrown (with force) from his high chair onto the floor image and he also squeezes it in his hands... think it's a phase like they are feeling it and exploring/playing with their food. oliver throws his football (small one lol) when he gets hold of it, so he has learnt this as a game and perhaps see's it as a game at dinner as he is now throwing everything! dummy, remotes, my blackberry, his toys lol,

    not sure how to stop this, but i think it is something we may need to ride out? lol, at least we are not alone ha! xxx
  • You can't stop it! They all do this, my little one has started chewing it up and spitting out! She's nearly 17 months! xx

    Good luck!
  • You could try introducing cutlery maybe? My LO fed herself with her hands from about 7/8months and I would put the odd spoonful in and as soon as she started reaching for the spoon I let her have it and now she feeds herself really well with a little metal fork and spoon and has done for over a month or so now. Yes, a lot of it goes down her front and on the floor but thats her learning rather than throwing it around. She's 1 in 2 weeks and I'm so impressed with how good she is with a fork image x
  • i load up her spoon and she seems to like it!

    shes gotten a lot better in the last fortnight and seems to enjoy making mess now lol
  • Same here hun, it is normal and part of development. I just put it back on her tray. I also have been only giving her a couple of bits at a time which has helped rather than putting everything on her tray x
  • When we had this problem I would ration the food and only offer a few bits at a time. If it went on the floor it didn't get picked up and put back and I cleared up everything at the end, rather than as soon as she'd dropped it.

    I would also get involved in something else (like washing up) so she knew she wasn't going to get a reaction from me.

    You could also offer plenty of opportunities for messy play / exploring textures throughout the day so that your lo doesn't feel the need to do it so much with meals.
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