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I'm doing everything wrong!

Hi everyone

I'm having a really bad today, I feel like I'm doing a terrible job and have made so many mistakes with DS. He has been sleeping really badly for the last 3 months and ive been putting him in my bed to get some sleep. he goes to bed and self settles happily at around 6/7 but wakes anything from 9 - 12 and i cant settle him again. I also have to cuddle him to sleep during the day and he won't sleep in his cot for more than 40 mins. I am a completely failure, all m friends babys sleep through the night, self settle at nap time and have good solid routines. I feel crap compared to them!!!


  • Hi him, gc from front page.

    Firstly stop.beating ur self up. Every baby is different and tbh most people I know tell porkies abt how great their Lo are sleeping anyway!

    It's hard this baby thing and u are not alone. U may have developed some Bad sleep habits but this is nothing that can't be improved with some help and perseverance.

    My ds went through similar night 2akings I found a great source of advice for babies o any age. U have to buy the book to get forum access but once u have u ye daily support and advice from the sleep councillors.

    Remember u are not a rubbish mummy your a great one, just a little tired. Good luck and feel better x
  • I agree with the last post people do tell fibs and its easy to beat yourself up good advice given about the website x
  • Co-sleeping isn't wrong! If it works for you at the moment and it means you're getting some sleep then go with it. My daughter started coming in with us for the same reasons then one day, she and I both realised she was too big to sleep in between Mummy and Daddy any more and she started sleeping in her own bed again. (I think she was with us from about 7 months to about 12).

    And as for self settling, my daughter has only just started doing it at 20 months. That's not to make you feel awful, just to say that some babies really take their time. By all means do some reading and see if you can influence things in the direction you want them to go, but don't beat yourself up or imagine you're doing anything wrong, you're not.

    Did you get that? YOU'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!!!!

    If you want some books I have the no cry sleep solution and the no cry nap solution and a few others and can post them just let me know (the online book supplier I used sent me duplicates last year by mistake, I have been trying to give away the second set for ages so I'd be more than happy to send them on).

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