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4 month old routine?

my LO is difficult to get into routine as he is funny with naps/feeds due to reflux. what kind of routine as a guide for me, do you do?


  • My 4 month old dosnt have much of a routine yet either, he goes down to sleep after 2 hours and sleeps for an hour or so and so on throughout the day but some days he might not sleep a wink and others he is asleep all day, 4 months is young to have a set routine anyway, try not to worry, write down your los sleep times and you will soon see a pattern and know when to put him/her down yourself. x
  • my DS is only 3 months old so still a bit younger than the age you were asking about...

    so far he is in no routine whatsoever!

    I'd agree with no3bump - write down what your LO does over the next few days, it may be that he is starting to get into his own routine.

    I found with my first, that she had no real pattern until about 6 months when we introduced solids. Then she settled into a pattern of wake, breastfeed about 6am, breakfast at about 9am, nap, bottle feed at about 10am, lunch at 12pm, nap, bottle feed at about 2pm, nap, dinner at 4pm, breastfeed before bed at about 7pm then slept all night. It was amazing how quickly after introducing solids that she fell into this pattern!

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