Anyone not looking forward to 'showing'?

I want to keep the secret from work for as long as possible! I've only been back at work for a month after my last stint of maternity leave, and I'll be off again exactly 9 months later!

As its winter and I can layer up I'm hoping that I can keep it a secret until after Christmas! Whaddya reckon?!


  • Hello,

    I want to wait until we've had a positive 12 week scan to tell people BUT i'm showing already at 7+0 i've got a real bloated tummy!! I can see colleagues eyes staring at my tummy but hoping they just think i'm enjoying my food at the moment haha!!

    I love touching my tummy in secret though when no one is looking hehe - it's a gorgeous secret to have image

  • Ooh its a good idea, but i know i will definately be showing by then. Will you be about 20 weeks by then? I am going to keep it quiet as long as possible. I dont think anyone at my work would ask me outright so might be able to keep it quiet a while.will your work ask?? xx
  • I'm hoping that they just think its still post-baby belly! My son has just turned 10 months. I got married at 18 weeks last time, and I don't think anybody would have known if they didn't already know. I had my dress taken out by a couple of inches, but that was it.

    I feel bloated at the moment, but I remember feeling bloated early last time around, then about 10 - 15 weeks I was flat as a pancake again!
  • This is my first, so I can't wait to start showing xx
  • I can't wait! Bring on the bump!! image

    As this is my 2nd I'm anticipating an earlier show. X
  • I can't wait either!!! We wont be trying to keep it a secret though. xxxxx
  • i dont want to show, i dont know why i loved my bump last time but i didnt show until i was about 20 weeks, i never told my work until i was 24weeks that i was expecting as i started working for them when i was about 10weeks and thought they might be mad! i also have a 10 month old but i think maybe because i still havent lost all my baby weight by any streach of the imagination so its going to be doubly hard this time
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