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Embarrassing question!

OK this is a bit of an odd one but my boobs still seem to be producing a little bit of milk nearly 9 months after I stopped BFing. Is that normal?? I'm not leaking or anything but if I squeeze them a bit comes out. I don't know what made me even try this initially but I now can't stop checking every couple of weeks to see if it's still happening.

Anyway, just wondered if any ex-BFers had experienced this too?



  • Sorry no this didn't happen to me. I would probably get it checked out just to be sure, maybe it is normal for this to happen to some women but it may be worth checking it's not an infection or something?

    Could you possibly be pregnant again??? As if you are this could be the reason??

  • hi, its completely normal, it might go on for some time, for a few women it never fully goes away!
  • if its a problem you could go to the docs, their was a lady on embarrassing bodies who took meds to make it stop but she had quite a lot of milk x
  • I had this after feeding my son. We stopped mixfeeding at 3 months and went to formula. I gave a little squeeze after milk had stopped and a bit came out and checked every few weeks or so. It only stopped when I got pg again when he was 9months! Probably not what you wanted to hear lol x
  • I was going to say what someone else said, are you sure you aren't pg again? xx
  • This happened to me too, for about a year after I stopped feeding my twins. I asked the HV about it, who said that it was normal for some people, but if I was really worried or anxious about it to see my GP, as its possible to get medication to stop it. I didn't go though, because it was never much, and it did eventually stop!

    Jo xx
  • I had this for 18 months then got pregnant again so to be honest it is possible it could have continued even longer. Unless it is something you dont want just leave it and it will just settle in its own time
  • hi!

    i stopped feeding my dd 4 years ago and could always still get a bit out with a good squeeze, even before i was pg image
  • Thanks ladies! That has reassured me that it is fairly normal. And in answer to some of your q's - I wasn't actually pg before but I am now and it's made no differernce so far! Presume if anything they will get more leaky as this pg progresses.... I'll prob end up wearing breast pads before s/he is born. Lovely!

    Thank you for replying xxx
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