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Recommended baby books?

Hi ladies,

I'm looking for a few suggestions on baby books to help me read up on tips for establishing routines and generally what I can expect in terms of development, minor illnesses and those odd things you just never imagined would happen.

I had the 'what to expect' book and also a lovely day by day pregnancy book which I loved and they complemented each other well as one was an overview and one quite detailed but slightly more biased toward bf and natural birth.

So I've seen there is 'what to expect; the first year' but not sure how good it is.

Can anyone share any recomendations? I don't want a strict regime but more a generalised overview of what to expect and some suggestions around sleep routines etc.


  • gina ford and the baby wisperer are the populkar amoungst my group of friends, its very much a read and take what you need exercise though as you cant follow any to the letter unless you want to drive yourself bonkers!

    why not pop to the libary and grab a few?
  • I can HIGHLY recommend the Baby Whisperer book. She is brilliant and the 'routine' she advocates is flexible for the babies needs. I used it a LOT when my baby was young.

    Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg
  • Thanks ladies.

    I wanted ones that didn't really advocate too much of a routine but more gave clues on things to look out for and weird things that tend to happen but you don't expect so I have ordered 'waht to expect; the first year' and a book that gives you a week by week 'what to expect' style update.

    Of course all babies are different but its things like the one day a week where they bf all day that I would never have known about without my midwife. Also rough indicators of how long babies typically feed for, benign physical 'symptoms' that are normal for babies etc. SO now I'm discharged I'm hoping one of these books has info like this in there.

    I never thought of the library though so will look for the baby whisperer book in there! x
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