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Hi all,

On Tuesday I took my DD who is almost 8 months to be weighed and as she has crossed 2 centiles on the weight graph rather quickly, the HV told me to cut out most of her milk as she was still having a small amount with each of her 3 main solid meals, plus 7oz at 2pm and 10pm.

The first day was easier than I thought and she didn't cry for milk but the following morning she woke 2 hours earlier than usual (6am instead of 8am) which I was expecting.

Anyway, so the reduction of the milk is going well but the last 2 nights my DD has not wanted to go to bed. Since she has been teething quite bad the last few months I have been nursing her to sleep as if I put her in her cot awake she just screams! I realise I probably haven't helped myself by doing this but it was only when I sat down and thought about it last night, that I realised I can't remember the last time I didn't rock her to sleep image bad I know!!! Last night she was extra fussy and even once she'd fallen asleep in my arms I couldn't put her down in her cot without her waking up crying. We did leave her cry for about 10 minutes but she didn't fall asleep and just got hysterical.

In the end she came into bed with us and fell asleep on me! I really really didnnwant her to do this but I was so tired.

Please can someone give me some advice? She is such a good baby and an excellent sleeper. Once she's down, we don't hear a peep. How can I get her to sleep without rocking her? I really need to get her out of this routine!!!!

X x x


  • Have you tried controlled crying or pick up put down? i would def say to stop rocking her to sleep, it will be hard the first week but you wont look back after that! x
  • What is controlled crying? i've heard about it but don't know what it is or how long i should leave her to cry for. and what's pick up put down?x
  • personally i think 8 months is a bit early for controlled crying, its basically letting them cry, we tried it around that time and DS made himself sick, so not only did i have a upset child still i had a bed to strip!

    we went for the retreat option where we stayed with him until he fell asleep, picking him up if upset and giving him a cuddle telling him it was bedtime and putting him back down and each night moved further away until we went downstairs, worked a treat, we later did controlled crying after a tricky time with teething when he got to toddler as he understood more.

    do you think she is hungry? DS was still having a lot of milk at that age and 3 meals plus 2 puds, althogh he was near enough walking around the furniture by then so burned a lot off.

    your not a bad mummy for rocking her to sleep you did what you felt was right, we still occasionally cosleep if DS is upset many would call me a bad mummy for that!
  • Thanks Piggypops!

    Well surprisingly on Monday (when i posted this thread) I put her down to bed, planning to check on her every 15 mins if needed but she'd fallen asleep after 10 mins and last night she didn't even do a proper cry when I put her down she was just a bit moany for 5 mins, but she did wake about 3 hours later and I let her cry for about 45mins, checking on her every 15 mins. It was hard and she seemed to get more hysterical when she saw me but she finally fell asleep in the end. Tonight she has gone asleep like a little angel and didn't even cry so I think she's getting used to it already. (and hopefully she's down for the night now)I got some advice from a friend who had a similar problem who said after a week her DD could be put down awake and not cry at all so thought i'd give it a try and so far there has been an improvement so finger crossed.

    x x x
  • Hello BSMummy, my daughter is 7+ months now and the last time we got her weighed I was told I still need to be giving her at least 20oz of milk a day along with the 3 meals I am feeding her, apparently the solid food is to get their palette ready for eating but they still need nutrients from the milk. If this isn't the case then I am very confused as I had thought and was worried about over feeding her but I was told no she needs the milk.x
  • glad things have improved x
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