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Alfie has me worried sick with his pooping, he only goes every 3 days. but farts constantly, like a grown man.

He is on combined feeds so the breast milk is ment to make he go regular.

Midwife says not to worry, but i am.

Does anybody else have an iregular pooper?


  • breat milk does not make a a baby go regular, breast fed babies after the foirst few days dont normally poo every day maybe every 3-5 days sometimes longer, as long as its not hard and is a musturd colour it sounds normal DD goes every 2-3 days usually going everywhere!
  • I agree with Piggypops. When my daughter was newborn I was only BF and the longest she went without going was 9 days! I was very worried though but was told this is normal for a breastfed baby. If he doesn't seem to be in pain I wouldn't worry too much. xx
  • Yep my daughter smelt and sounded worse than her father most days! She was combi fed too, the longest she went was 13 days and we went to the docs he said more than 3 weeks was a concern with a bf baby xx
  • omg he stinks lol, just seen the mw for his check, i have to take him the drs if hasnt gone by tomorrow.
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