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Leaking - does it ever stop?

I know it's early days still as my boy's only 16 days old, but am hoping to feed him for at least a year. Just wondering if my breasts will stop leaking at all while i am breastfeeding?

I like to sleep with nothing on top at night to give my nipples a break but having to use a maternity mat under the sheets, a towel on top, and every time i get up it just pours out!



  • Yes, they will but maybe not for a while yet.

    Once they get really efficient at making milk on demand and don't need to store so much things will calm down. For me this happened around 9 weeks.


    Mrs B xxx
  • a lady at my breatfeeding group had this problem, hers stopped at about 9 weeks, she use to collect it and store the milk x
  • Yeah it stops, think I stopped wearing pads about 5 months in, the thing about bf is it gets soooo much easier around the time most ppl stop (6 months) as a lot of the pressure is taken off you, and your body settles down!
  • I had very bad leaking (it weas like a running tap!), and this settled down around 10 weeks. Don't get me wrong I still have to sleep on a towel at night but I used to have to change my top 3 times a day because it was drenched with milk, so things are definitely better.

    I tried to catch some of it, but it was hard juggling feeding a baby on one side and catching the dripping milk from the other side in a sterilised container!

    Keep changing your breast pasds regularly, and I found using reusable breastpads were better than disposable ones, as they are a bit thicker to prevent the leak going through your bra and top.

  • It tends to happen once baby is older and starts settling into a feeding routine. Your boobs get to know when each feed is required and how much will be taken by baby so will adjust the milk production to suit (though you may still want to keep hold of a few pads just in case).
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