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is it possible to ov twice on clomid??

hey ladies,

how is everyone?

as subject says is it possible to ov twice on clomid?? I had my 10 day scan on tues last week and i had 3 x 14 mm follicles. i had to go back for injection to make me ov on the friday. so on saturday i ov and got the ov pains as always but today i'm having really bad ov pains again....whats that all about??? is it possible to ov twice ?? we're bd'ing like rabbits this month so got that covered and sex is agony but hey ho its got to work one month surely.!

on a diff subject we were thinking that consultant was gonna refer us for ivf but he wants me to stay on clomid for another 4 months as he believes we can conceive this way! but i have to de stress! easier said than done! so i'm having massages done! and looking into hypnotherapy too. i'm starting with anxiety attaks tho which isn't great! what a load of crap this ttc lark is eh!!!!!

hope you're all ok

hannah xxxxx


  • Well, I don't know about ov'ing on two separate occasions, but certainly more than one egg, I have clomid twins.

    Good luck to you x
  • I don't think even on clomid u can ov twice. I'm sure just like naturally u can only ov once, but with more than one egg.

    I could b wrong but that's what iv always been told.

    It could b implantation cramps maybe? Or just general cramping.

    X x
  • yeah its pretty weird. jus have to keep going with bd'ing and hope it works. don't think i'd have implant just yet. thought that was 4-6 days after ov?? think this will be a very long 2ww :-S
  • Hey... didnt want to read and run...

    I was thinking along the same lines as Faye...but i also now that they say implantation takes place a little later on than this... But hey u never know!!

    As you say... Its gotta happen one month.. Thats great that ure consultant is so positive about you concieving on clomid... imageimage

    Got everything crossed for you hun...

    Well that was Jonzemonkey who got her BFP... Things happen in 3's do they not... 2 more to go imageimage xxx
  • Hey Hannahbelle,

    I'm glad the gynae is geing so positive. My useful sister reckons thats my problem- not positive enough!!!!

    I get terrible, drawn out ov pains and they say that sometimes the pains are the egg bursting out of the follical, but sometimes its bleeding from the follicle after ov and this can cause painful swelling, (which is normal). This makes a lot of sense to me, as I usually get a few days of pains, not always consecutive days.

    Then after my ov drilling, I had absolutely horrendous pain in my Left ovary, but they were adamant that I only had follicles on my Right. Then at the last scan they found a harmless, bleeding cyst (probably caused by ovarian drilling) and think this caused the pain, so it all seems to fit into place, if that pain is so similar to ov pains. If you get what I'm waffling on about??!!!

    Did you have any other ov symptoms?

    One day I might just write a simple, one sentence reply on here!!
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