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dentinox and cow and gat carobel

my lo has reflux so my gp prescribed cow and gate carobel thickener, i now have to give the gaviscon after but does anyone know if im going to have to give the dentinox separately aswell or can it go in the bottle with the thickener? any help is great fully received x


  • Hi

    My son was 12 weeks old when he was given Carobel for reflux. We had tried the infant gaviscon but found that it made him really constipated so we stopped with that and was given carobel. We used 1spoon of carobel with 6oz of milk. He is still on that now and he is 8months old! If you are using the carobel i would recomend getting vaired flow teats if you can as even when you make it thin like it says on back of box its still to thick to come out normal teat. What is dentinox? is that the carobel? I wouldnt use gaviscon and carobel together as they are doing the same job.

    Not sure if that helps but wanted to let you know my experience of carobel! XX
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