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My Baby boy was born 3 days ago, he doesn't like to eat on the left much at all, I can't get much colostrum out and my milk hasn't come in even though my breast feel heavy. I need help! Any advice or anyone experience these issues and knows what to do would help so much! I want to breastfeed so badly and want this to work!!


  • Babies can have preferences as to which one they like. My right boob has a more efficient milk supply and flow - and both of my girls felt more comfortable in the traditional side lying position with that boob. The left has been a big problem for me this time. It does not fill as much and baby only latches well on it in the 'rugby ball' position. I'd recommend trying different positions. Also, you nipples may be a little soft at this early stage and may not be as firm for him to get a good latch easily - or at least the left one. You can try and squeeze / stimulate your nipple a tiny bit to make it harder for him to get a good latch - sorry that sounds a bit gross!!! Keep trying different positions and keep trying with your left. Things will be different when your milk comes in also. Remember that it is just as new and unknown for him as it is you and you are both learning. You are doing well so keep at it and I promise you things get better after the first couple of weeks when you both get used to it more. See how you get on and if it's still a struggle there are other things you can try - like nipple shields etc...... but try different positions etc first x x x hope that helps x
  • also..... have a look at the 'la lech legue' website, and they have phone councillors that you can talk to. And maybe try a local breastfeeding group - you can get a lot of support, reassurance and meet people with babies at them! x
  • hello

    i really struggled to get dd to take the right boob which was also the most full. after a week of trying with different postions the only one she could manage to feed in was the rugby ball but i found this uncomfotbleto to get her to latch, i ended up using medela nipple shilds on that one boob and she latched on great in the traditional position, we removed these a few days later.

    i would really reccomend trying out a breastfeeding group, i got great support from the other mums there and the support team x
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