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  • Hello Leakylooklah and thank you for your question.

    When trying to conceive a baby takes longer than you thought it would, it can put a real strain on a relationship which can impact on the romance and spontaneity of lovemaking. If your partner is as aware as you are of your 'fertile window' in the month, he may well feel under pressure. And once one of you is feeling stressed that can make the other stressed too. And that's no the ideal environment to feel romantic is it?!

    My advice would be to do all you can personally to reduce the stress around trying to conceive (using EFT is my top recommendation) and you'll find that if you're less stressed, he'll be less so too.

    And then bring back some spontaneity to your love life but not only making love at these important times, and doing some of the fun and exciting things you used to do before sex became just about baby making.

    Good luck and I hope you don't have too much longer to wait.

  • hi, have been looking for baby for almost 4 years,i have taken chlomid for almost 3month.i have a very irregular gyno told me that i dont ovulate at can u help me please am 30.i fear its early menopause :?
  • Hello again tashasbaby

    As I'm not your doctor I can't comment on the Clomid, but have you looked into temperature charting to confirm the day that you ovulate? Take a look here to learn more:

  • Hi Sarah, Just to say that I have been pregnant before but lost it. I was diagnose with endometriosis, have fibroid and one of my tubes is now blocked. I had surgeries and my doctor said I am fine and should be able to get pregnant again. I have been trying to get pregnant for sometime now but to no success and this is affecting my everyday activities because I get stressed and sad. Please can EFT work in my situation? Can you suggest other things that might work in my case.
  • Hello anne294

    I can understand that you're getting worried about not ovulating. Has your doctor looked into this for you? You mentioned early menopause. A test you may want to ask your doctor to do is the AMH blood test. This looks at your egg reserve so will give you an good indication as to whether you are nearing menopause or not.

    You can read more about it here:

    Good luck with your journey to parenthood.

  • Hello cutie534,

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss and the stress you are under now. You asked if EFT could work in your situation, and yes I would hope that it could help you emotionally which in turn may have a positive impact on your fertility too. However I am not medically trained and not your doctor, so I can't advise on your particular medical issues. If you still have concerns that you have not got pregnant despite the surgery, I'd advise going back to your doctor to see if there are any other tests they need to do.

    Good luck,

  • Thank you to everyone who took part in today's chat. It was lovely speaking to you!

    I'm available now on my support line if you to talk to me privately. Tel: 0906 194 9840 (??1.53/min from a BT landline. Calls from other networks and mobiles may vary. 18+)

    You can also visit my website at and download my free report -The 5 Key Ways Your Emotions Can Support (Or Damage) Your Fertility'.

    If you'd like to see how EFT can help with the emotions of infertility, take a look at Fertile Mindset TV:

    Bye everyone!

  • Hi Sarah,

    I am 33 yrs TTC since 8 yrs. I have had 2 mymectomies already. I have been advised surrogacy. My AMH=1.6 . Its may be that only right ovary is working. Docs are not sure about left ovary. What do you think are my chances with getting good quality eggs and their nos.
  • Thank you Sarah
  • I will most definitely use EFT
  • Hi Sarah,

    Me and my husband we both want baby. We are trying for more than 3 years. I had my pep test. Last year. The Dr. Said every thing is ok, just my right ovary is little low than other. My period is regular (28days). I scare to go to Dr. I really need help. Every month when my period starts it breaks my heart. May be we are not doing intercross in right way. Help me please.
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