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What to avoid eating to help baby with colic??


My last two babies had really bad colic so third time round I want to do everything I can to avoid this. My baby girl is one week old and I am dreading colic.

Does anyone have any advice on what to avoid eating to help prevent colic??


  • Apparently avoiding things that may give you a bad tummy can help. Like grapes, cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, beans etc. Also I was told to avoid tea, coffee, squash and juices as well as tomato sauces on pasta. Basically everything I eat!!!! Have you tried colief?? I get this on prescription as otherwise it's ??10 for a tiny bottle. It is a nuisance when breastfeeding as you have to express a bit of milk onto a spoon before the feed and add 4 drops of colief. I find it worth the hassle though.

    Hopefully she wont get it this time x
  • Generally think about what food gives you wind and upset stomachs, what you eat you feed your baby. As such try and avoid too many baked beans, brussel sprouts, spicy foods such as curries and pasta sauces, cabbage, etc...
  • Thanks for the tips. I am trying to avoid windy foods however it is difficult as dinner time becomes quite boring! Will def try the colief! xx
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