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You never have 2 pregnancies the same ... how true for me!!

My first pregnancy was a breeze i was so very lucky - this time around i'm sick in the evenings and sometimes the mornings too i've got back pain and my boobs ache!!

anybody else finding they are having a different pregnancy to their first?




  • me too!! my 1st pg i had nothing at all!! now i am sick all the time, everything i normally love smells awful! boobs are killing and i dont think i have ever needed to sleep so much. i do hope it wont last too much longer xx
  • fingers crossed the sickness goes soon for us both,

  • Totally different!

    1st pregnancy i was sick a couple of times a day but i didn't feel ill. I'd be sick and then i was fine for the rest of the day. This time, i'm not sick, but i feel horrendous all day long and i have the worst trapped wind and back ache imaginable!

    I definitely think i'm having a boy this time!!
  • My 2 previous pregnancies were awful, constant sickness, tiredness & felt pants from when I woke up. This time although I do have bouts of sickness & I'm tired (running round after 2 kids is tiring lol) I feel the best I've ever felt when pregnant xx image
  • My boobs ache more this time, I think I have suffered more with feeling sick and tired but that could be because I have a 2 year old to look after! Havent actually been sick either time.
  • I am the same the first one was a breeze at the start This time i had every symptom going!! I had pre eclampsia at 31 weeks last time tho so hoping to avoid that this time image
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