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How to stop baby choking on over abundant milk?


I was wondering how you've handled an overabundant milk supply?

My boobs spray milk out really quickly after let down and my son seems to choke and splutter a few times during the beginning of a feed.

I've tried expressing some off first which works but isn't always practical when he's screaming for food! Any other tips? And will it ever ease?


  • I was exactly the same, and the HV also told me to manually express some before a feed but i rarely did this as it just wasn't practical when he was screaming for food. Mine eased around 9 weeks, BUT DS has recently altered his feeding routine to 3 hourly instead of 2 hourly so for the past few days I've had really engorged breasts and lots of spraying as my body adjusts to the new routine.

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is that although it may get better, a change in routine can trigger it off's one of things that the books don't warn you about when breastfeeding!

    Maybe try to predict when your baby may want feeding (try keeping a log for a few days and you'll probably see a pattern) and then you can try to manually express 30mins beforehand to releive some of the pressure.

  • Thanks! I think it has eased off a bit and got mucked up initially as I was on antibiotics which made him puke and poop more so he had to keep topping up. Hopefully things will settle more and I'll try to look for more of a pattern.

    He had a good pattern before I took them but it now varies every day.

    I read something about applying pressure to the areola but I'm frightened I'll mimic the expressing technique and make it worse!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  • we had a lady at group with this problem and she was advised to lay back as much as possible which has helped her LO loads, gravity seems to have helped x
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