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How do i prepare myself?

Hi, I'm hoping to breastfeed my next baby, i'm only 15wks at the mo but want to get as much info & advice as poss because i failed my last 2 babies.

I didn't bf my dd, my 2nd baby i bf for around 6-7wks, my 3rd baby 8-9wks, my 4th baby around 4 months then disaster struck with my 5th baby i don't know exactly what i didn't wrong or different but about a week & half into breastfeeding i was in so much pain feeding and (tmi) it was almost as if one of my nipples was half hanging off image

I was so dissappointed with myself i even tried to carry on over another wk but the pain was just unbearable & i was crying with pain with every feed. My 6th baby i hoped to change that & carry on with my good record & try to better myself & feed baby for longer then 4 months but the same happened again but this time i wasn't going to put up with the pain and so put baby onto bottles at 3 days!!!

So....this time i obviously don't want to go through it again, i want to be able to feed my baby correctly. Is there anything i can do or any classes i could go to before my baby arrives so i can learn a better way to help the baby latch etc?

michelle xx


  • wow supermum!

    i attended a antenatal group run by my local infant feeding team, i got to speak to other mums about thier journeys and got loads of advice, i also had the team come out to me when we got out of hospital, she wa a keen feeder but her latch was poor and i was torn to bits even in 3 days and they were a great help, expressing and nipple shields saved me from pure agony! i also meet up at the breastfeeding group every week to have a good old moan and get advice from the team and other mums, although i do have a bit of the green eyed monster as thier babies all seem to sleep longer than mine!! :lol:

    i got to a week with DS but we are 13 weeks in with DD. i do feel bad that i didnt persever or have the right support but it just wasnt ment to be, you can get some great advice over in this forum too x
  • H hun, Mia is my 3rd baby and I had no probs feeding ds or dd1 but Mia is/was a bigger hungrier baby and at 4 days I got so engorged and my nipples were cracked and bleeding. The pain was awful! I used nipple shields for about a week (along with TONS of lanisoh) and I swear they saved my sanity! I healed up amd was able to continue feeding without them.

    I would also reccomed using lanisoh for a month or two before baby comes to prepare your nipples, I wish I had! Just goes to show how every baby is different!
  • Thanks girls image

    I've always used lansinoh it's great, i tried the nipple sheilds but they didn't seem to help the last 2 times. It's weird how with my first 3 i had no trouble at all. Think i'll ask my health visitor to see if there are any local classes xx
  • Which shields did you use I had the medela contact ones which are v thin I know some of the others are quite thick!

    Good luck with it I hope it goes well this time image
  • we also used the medela ones, there quite expensive but were well worth it, we found the boots ones a bit too thick x
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