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I've had my baby :)

Well I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 7th August and he is just perfect. He was monitored after the birth and does show some signs of weakness and other similarities to my older son but he is much stronger in his core and seems to have all the normal reflexes you'd expect in a newborn which my first son hasn't got. We'll be followed up in the Paediatric clinic which I was expecting anyway but we are so happy with our boys I just thought I'd share.

Hope everyone is well.


  • Big congratulations well.done xx
  • Congratulations, really pleased for you what have you called him xxx
  • Thanks guys, we've called him George, he was 8lb 9oz so a bit bigger than Paul, he looks a lot like him too but a bit more like Daddy this time too. He's 2 weeks old now and doing great. He'd lost a little weight in the first week as I'm breast feeding but he put 3ox on in the 2nd week and he's a little greedy guts so I know he'll put more on this week too. He's already been looked over briefly by Paul's genetic consultant as we had a follow up last week, and the Neurologist will see him too in Sept as we've got follow up with them too.
  • Sounds like things are going well for you. How is Paul getting on with George? Isaac is getting ready for starting school so I am a bit stressy about how he will cope, I'm sure he will be fine but I am a little bit protective of him because of all his difficulties xx
  • Aww I bet you are, I'm sure he will be fine but its understandable to be worried until you can see how he is getting on after starting.

    Paul starts pre-school nursery 5 mornings a week this month so I'm excited but like you a bit nervous about how he will cope. We have had our first meeting and have another on 21st before he starts the full 5 days on 26th.

    Paul is amazing with George, from the moment he saw him he has doted on him and is very protective. We've had a few tears and tantrums for other things but no jelousy or anything towards George, he only gets stressed if he can't be the one to hold him when we have visitors.

    I'm chuffed about George's weight gain, he'd put on over 8lb in a week when I got him weighed last week, looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow now too.
  • Yipppeeeeee!!! I am so pleased for you, you all sound very well! Haven't been on for such a long time so will need to read up on everyone else's posts!! Lydia has started in Reception and seems to be really enjoying it. Nice to catch up with you and congratulations again!



  • Hi Charlotte nice to hear from you. Glad Lydia is enjoying reception Paul absolutely loves nursery and is doing really well. He has one to one for PE which I am really pleased about and hope this continues through school as I had so many problems and injuries doing PE. He is always completely shattered by the time he comes out but always livens up after lunch and a rest.

    Hayley_1 how is Issac doing?

    George is still doing great although we are having a few issues with apnia and desaturations at night, repeating the monitoring at home in a week or so and have to have a videofluroscopy for him too then hopefully we'll get a clinic appointment to discuss the possibility of Oxygen at night.

    Been a bit stressed with it all but you know what its like, I'm just about managing to hold it together just hoping for a bug free Winter image
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