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threatened preterm labour

I went into labour on wednesday at 31+4 wks. Luckily waters didnt go so drs managed to stop labour. Ive had 2 lots of steroids to mature his lungs. Been taken off the tablets to stop labour (nefedipine) now that steroids have had time to work.

Luckily we had some warning this time as with my dd it happened the other way. My waters went then contractions started and i delivered 3 hrs later at 32+5.

So girls make sure you get your bags packed. Aftrr dd ive had mine packed since 28wks.


  • Just wanted to say Good luck and hope you hang on for another while. I have had 2 premature births. My first was born at 34+4 weeks weighing 3lb 12oz and spent 2 weeks in NICU but had no problems thank god and she is now 4 years old. My second was born at 34+6 weeks weighing 5lb 7.5oz and was home with me 2 days later and she is now 3 1/2 months old. With both of them my waters broke and I delivered the same day and were both very quick labours. At least you had your bags packed this time. I was going to pack mine the day I had my second lo. YOu would think I would have learnt from my first but I was trying to be optimistic that I wasn't going to go early so tried to hold back on the packing.

    Good luck and hope we don't hear your birth announcement for a while yet.
  • Thanks just taking one day at a time. Ended up back i hospital on wednesday with contractions again. This time they stopped on thier own. Last week i wasnt dilated this time i was 1cm and cervix has shortened to 2cm dr said hed expect it to be about 4 so something is going on down there.

    Do they know why you went early both times? No one seems to know.why i am. I wonder if its cos im small im around 5ft 1 and small built. I have a short body and longer legs so wonder if my babies just run out of room
  • There was no reason at all for my early labours. I am 5'3" and have a very small frame so with my second baby the Doctor did say that I must just have run out of room and that is probably what happened the first time around aswell. They checked for infections as well and nothing there. The Doctor did say that my full term is probably around 35 weeks and if I had 2 early others will probably be the same. I don't plan on having anymore so I won't find out lol.

    Glad to hear that you are still there and the baby is staying put. Its mad that we don't have the reason. I suppose its just our bodies.
  • Just sounds like we cook our babies faster than others as despite being early all their body systems are fully functioning at early gestations. Our 'ovens' to cook our buns are fan assisted rather than conventional lol.

    Dr also found my cervix to be very anterior which i had to google. Does sound like my body is ready for the off any time. I know it sounds daft and selfish but i just wish that if he is coming early that he would just come now rather than starting and stopping. Every backache, or niggle i get im wondering if this is it. Everytime im about to stand up i wonder if my waters are going to go. Cant imagine going on like this for potentially another 9 wks if i went over.
  • I know what you mean. I didn't enjoy being pregnant and to be honest I secretly loved them both arriving early but glad they were both ok. I put it down to them being very nosey and just wanted to meet their mummy a bit earlier than expected. If you are not feeling good and waiting patiently I can't imagine waiting another 9 weeks if I was you either.
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