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dry skin cream for a sensitive baby face?

Hi Ladies,

Can anyone recommend a good cream for dry and sensitive skin?

My boy gets red and rashy from wipes, baby oil and lotion on his face so I'm a bit scared to try anything else without advice. Is it worth trying olive oil?

Do they grow out of it?


  • I would definitely use olive oil, it helped Flo with her dry skin. Also Have used some left over organic sunflower oil I had from baby massage with DS.

    My favourite cream to buy is the Johnson's naturals range. I use their intensive cream in a tube as moisturiser when I've run out of mine lol!

    Hope it clears up soon hun xxx
  • Hiya, both my LO's have eczema & have been prescribed aqueos cream for in-between putting on their steroid cream. It's works a treat on the areas that are in-between dry skin & actual eczema!!

  • our health visitor prescribed some e45 cream
  • I was advised grapeseed oil by midwives as Ryan had really dry skin on his arms and legs to begin with. I now use baby oil in his bath which works wonders, but still use grapeseed oil on his head and eyebrows as he has cradle cap, and it really helps with that. Plus it's all natural so shouldn't really cause any problems.

  • I would of said to use all of the above.I used e45 on Oliver and it worked a treat.x
  • I took my little man to pharmacist for advice and they recommended "doublebase" cream which I have found to be good for his dry skin around his eyebrows and temples x
  • The doctor perscribed Aveeno cream for Phoebe's eczema/dry skin and it cleared her skin perfectly x
  • Aww fab! I got prescribed aveeno when they didn't know my rash was due to cholestasis! Will try that and if not then good old olive oil.

    Thanks so much ladies! xx
  • Have used Extra Virgin Olive Oil on both Samantha & Hannah. Samantha outgrew it at 16wks & Hannah at 6wks (though Samantha was bathed less often than her sister is being bathed now which oddly seems to have helped)
  • visitor said the aveeno has more stuff in it so they recommended vaseline but I'm a bit scared its preventing his skin breathing.

    I might look for the double base cream. I know he is much much drier after washing and seems generally sensitive to Johnson's products so think I will look for a sensitive range.

    Anyone got any recommendations for sensitive skin bath and shampoo? Particularly shampoo?
  • Hay i have used infacare and it is really good, My mum used this for us when we were little and my sister had really sensitive skin and its the only thing she could use.She used it to wash her hair as well.x
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