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Daytime naps

Hi ladies, i would appreciate your advice.

Ive started putting baby on baby whisperer EASY routine (eat, activity, sleep, you time). I'm pretty relaxed with it so not clock watching - just using it to help me have a bit of structure and look out for little man's cues that he's ready for next stage.

Anyway, when it comes to naps in daytime I put him down half asleep (in my bedrm in moses basket) and he'll drift off but the slightest noise and he wakes and will not go back to sleep. As we live in a flat it means I end up creeping around like a maniac and it just doesn't work if I have visitors. Typically, a nap never lasts past 30 mins as there'll be some noise from somewhere.

Any tips or advice?! X


  • Hi,

    We just made sure we kept the noise level up with tv and talking normally during his daytime naps from the start.

    Also my little boy won't sleep in his moses basket in the day so I have the buggy carricot or the bouncy chair downstairs for him - maybe try a different place for daytime naps??

    From what I've read they should learn to self soothe if you give them a few minutes crying (only in the day though) to see if they can get back off on their own. Obviously if it goes beyond a few minutes or they seem windy, hungry etc then lift them but its good to practice in the day so they can learn it for the night! image

    Hope you get a break I discovered that my son will fall asleep when I'm hoovering so might be worth a go?
  • I would agree with tulip.As i have other children our house is normally making some kind of noise and it doesn't seem to bother him and most of time he will sleep or go to sleep with the sound.x
  • My son naps in his bouncer or his swing in the lounge in the day. My daughter did too until she was about five months which is when i started putting her in her cot for proper naps (they get a bit big then to sleep in many other places) x
  • Hannah has learned to nap through anything (she has to with Samantha about) and sleeps in both her bouncer & moses basket. Samantha used to nap easier with white noise (hoover/hairdryer/washing machine) in the background, otherwise it was good ol' MTV.
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