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Group B Strep

Is anyone having a test for this? Its not available on the NHS but I've ordered a kit. It was free for the kit but you have to pay for the results.

Just wondered what others opinions were?


  • I'm in Canada at the moment and this is offered automatically by the provincial health service where I live.

    The midwife did her home visit yesterday to check out our house (I'm planning a home birth) and brought the swab kits with her for Group B Strep and MRSA.

    If all goes to plan, then the first test is probably more relevant for me and after reading the literature, I figured it was better to do it than not. The only test I've declined so far is the Glucose Test.

    I was able to do the swab sampling myself in my own bathroom, which was nice, and then the swabs were immediately sealed and taken by the midwife to be submitted for analysis.

    Surprised it's not available on the NHS to be honest! I wonder why they don't offer it.
  • Hey I work In midwifery services and if you ask your midwife she will teat you for it. I strongly recommend you do ask to be tested if this is your first baby as the consequences for baby can be devastating. It Is disgusting that they do not routinely test for it! X
  • Hi Melf where did you get the kit from? I've had what i thought was a water infection but I still keep getting stomach pains so I'd like to rule this out. x
  • Angel group strep b would not cause you any symptoms just baby after delivery if you have it. Just ask your midwife at next appointment to test you they can't refuse if you ask
  • I got it from mumsnet. It costs ??32 to get the test done. I asked my midwife for it and was told its not offered on the Nhs and I would have to pay for it. I think I'll just get it done for peace of mind.
  • Gc from due in June. I will be asking for it for sure. Someone close to me had a stillbirth at 35 weeks. The postmortem came back with no cause but she was then told she was strep b positive and given antibiotics. Think I'd rather find out and be treated to avoid risk of stillbirth as it can be a risk factor!
  • That's disgusting your midwife refused you as it can have very serious consequences for baby! There is a Campagne running at the minute to try and get it so everyone Is routinely tested
  • hi!

    g/c from due in jan

    i had group b strep in my last preg, i took a private test

    during labour i was given anti biotics...

    the reason NHS dont test is the result can change overnight - one day u may be group b strep but bext day u my not be - anyone concerned should ask their midwife

    some midwives check for group b strep in the urine samples u regularly give , so i would definitely ask

    i think i will be given anti biotics this time too, i didnt even notice when they did it but it did make feel a whole lot better knowing it was being sorted..

    hope this helps

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