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Nervous but wanted to share hope.

Hi ladies. I'm guessing that no one here will remember me. It has been a very lomg time since I last posted but sometimes come and see how you ladies are getting along. Even though I've not posted this site has continued to help and support me. Quick story is... 3 years of infertility, 2 failed ivf's, we decided to have one last try and went as far as our consultation (??180 I might add!) only to not get af but a surprise bfp instead. Sadly the baby did not grow and had a d&c at 3 months on 12th september. We were devastated! I got my first af after d&c on 12th October and I'm 10dpo today..... Just got a very faint positive!!!! Not due af til next Friday so I'm super nervous. I'm hoping this is a sticky/healthy baby. I know it's very early days and again lots could go wrong for us but just wanted share that it can happen. I never in a million years thought it would after waiting so long. Babydust to you all. Xx


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