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Hi I'm new to this forum thing but a friend has directed me to this website. Could anyone help me? I found out I was pregnant couple of weeks ago. I was absolutely ecstatic as my partner and I had only been trying the last few months or so. 8 days ago I started bleeding spotting at first but it quickly got heavier and it is still going now I thought it may have been slowing but today it's heavier again. I know I'm miscarrying as I know this isn't right. I just want it to be over. How long will it take to stop? I would be 6 weeks this week. I have spoken with a midwife over the phone she just told me to leave it and let it happen and keep testing to check the hcg levels. Has anyone else experienced this. I just need some advice/support?


  • Hi. Sorry to hear what you are going through. To be honest, I don't think you have received very good advice. You should go and see your doctor and get referred to your local Early Pregnancy Unit (some units you can self refer to so also check that) to make absolutely sure what is happening. They need to check out things like the possibility of ectopic. You might find of course that everything is ok. I had lots of bleeding in my first pregnancy and everything was fine - I had a blood clot. You shouldn't have to keep using Home Pregnancy Tests either. The doctor or EPAU can do blood tests to check your HCG levels which can more accurately tell you what is happening. If the worst comes to the worst and you are miscarrying you need a scan and / or HCG tests to make sure that you have completely miscarried, as otherwise there is a risk of infection. You also need some support. Being told to wait and see with no further testing is bad advice both physically and mentally in my view.

    Good luck and go get yourself checked out properly.

  • Hi eah1986

    Sorry to hear your news, I hope you find us all here very supportive as did I when i had my 2 m/c. Don't think I wouldv'e coped as well as I did if I didn't have the girls on here to talk to.

    I have to say though I agree with GreyMum, thats not good advice you should def call EPAU asap & either get a ref from your doc or book an appointment directly with EPAU. Have you had any pain with the bleeding or clots? Lots of people bleed in early pregnancy and its not always bad news. You must get yourself checked out if not it will drive you insane, try & keep your chin up, we've all been through it & it will get easier, trust me i know, sending you big hugs, xxx
  • Thanks both of you. I have had a great deal of cramping with the bleeding. This week has been easier tho so far,I think it is comin to an end. I will go into the doctor at the end of the week to check my hormone levels. It's just nice to hear that other people know what I'm goin through instead of hearing -its just one of those things. Xxx
  • Thats the one thing that really gets on my nerves, its all I ever hear!!

    Yes we all know its one of those things but doesn't make it any easier for us.

    Don't forget we're all in the same boat on here & will always be here if you need a chat or a rant about anything. Keep in touch & let us know how you get on at docs

  • Haven't been to the doctors as been too busy with work etc. the bleeding had pretty much stopped by Friday (11th) I took another HPT that morning and it was negative (not even a faint line this time) since then I've have actually felt okay (physically). I have had a v slight crampy feeling again in the past two days and a little spotting -bearly anything. Is it possible that I have ovulated or is this just my cycle getting back to normal after mc? I have read so many things online but everything seems to contradict each other. Is it possible to get pregnant within a few weeks of mc or is this highly unlikely? X
  • Hi

    Apparantly you are more fertile within the first few weeks of m/c so it is def possible to conceive without having AF. The cramps could've been ov but if you had slight spotting it is prob your body getting back to normal.

    I thought I was back to normal but AF was due on 9th nov & still no sign, have done 2 tests but both BPN :cry:

  • I'm sorry to hear that nicki. I read somewhere it takes 4-6 weeks for af to return. I have decided to carry on taking my vitamin supplements and watch my caffeine intake. I've stopped drinking completely now.I blame myself for last time but I'm doing everything possible for it not to happen again and Im planning on doing a HPT on 10th December. Keep testing I hope u get a pos soon! Please keep me updated and if there is anyone else out there in the same boat I hope your finding as much comfort in these forums as I do. This one was going to be our first and I hope I will get another chance soon.

  • Okay so just to update I had one 'period' after my miscarriage it started on the 5th dec and ended on the 10th. It was slightly lighter than normal for me and hardly noticed any cramping it was earlier then I expected as well after my miscarriage. Now I have started another period this time it was exactly 28 days from my last bleed ( my usual cycle ) but I have been experiencing extremely painful cramping and the bleeding is very heavy. Is this normal!? I read this could be due to my body clearing out? Is this right? Has anyone else experienced this? Also prior to this period I was having on and off cramping for two / two and a half weeks. Please help x
  • Hi. I've had 3 mcs and they've all been very different. With my last one my af was also a lot heavier. I was told it's normal. Hope that helps and sorry for your loss. It's horrible x
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