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Cystic fibrosis

Hi I havnt been on here for over a year. In April we found out our DD2 has CF She will be 2 in dec. Are there any other on here with a child with this


  • Sorry, I don't know anyone but didn't want to R&R. I know a bit about the condition and have taught teenagers with CF in the past. How are you coping with all the physio etc?

    H xx
  • We are lucky at the moment and she is very healthy. we have had 3 hospital admisions in 2 months. A chest infection, Nasal feeding (didnt work) and then illness from the nasal tube. She is also pacreatic sufficiant
  • Hi

    My two year old has cf. He was diagnosed via the heel prick test when he was three weeks old. It took a while to get our heads around but he is doing really well and I feel positive for thr future. If you are not a member already I woudl def recommend joining the forum on the CF Trust website. There is a parenst forum which I have found so helpful.

    Hope your little one is keeping well x
  • i also recently find out my baby girl has cf she was 3 weeks old being diagnosed and is now 11 weeks shes doing well consultants are happy with her at the mo but it took awhile to get our heads around it also, shes are fourth child and the other three recently had their sweat test and thankfully are all fine, our baby is pacreatic insuffciant and takes enzymes but shes gaining weight and doing well

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