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Off to liverpool womens hospital.... Any advice??

Well I suffered my third mmc in September this year image had a lot of blood tests done and all came back clear and no answers as to why I have had three mmc with no successful pregnancy!!!! They told me to try again and maybe I've just been unlucky..... Really is that what you get from years of medical training..... Bad luck try again!!!!! So I demanded a referal to the specialists at Liverpool and have my first appointment on the 1st of December!!! Hoping for some answers but I no there may not be any..... Anyone else in the same boat?????? Such a terrible two years I've had I hope things get better from here!!!!


  • Hiya, so sorry you find yourself here. From doing my research about this 50% of women really do have nothing wrong! Im assuming you have had loads of bloods done for thyroid/hormones/blood clotting etc?? This isnt uncommon to be told nothing wrong! I understand why you are asking for a second opinion, I would do too in your situation. Not much advice other than do what you think is best. I've had ultrasound scan and HSG with my tests, not sure if you have had those? Good luck xx
  • All I can say is Liverpool Womens is amazing and the reason I have my little baby now. Do you know the name of your consultant?x
  • Well girls I am glad to say that finally I seem to be getting somewhere..... I had a really good appointment today at liverpool womens hospital, they are so professional, real experts in the field and most of all actually interested in me and my well being. I meet the most amazing nurse who will now be my pathway consultant which means she sees me through everything from beginning to end, they went through all of my history today and straight away she thinks there is a underlying blood clotting issue despite my tests coming back clear, she explained that they will do further more in depth blood tests and expects that a clotting issue will show in my tests..... They took about eight tubes of blood from me, they are running all different tests and I go back in January to discuss all the results and then possible treatments. After this she thinks I will get a much stronger prescription of folic acid, aspirin once I am pregnant again and I will be under their care throughout my next pregnancy, I will go in a five weeks, have all my hormone levels checked including oestrogen and progestrone and hcg, if I am needing in one area I will get regular injections to help maintain the pregnancy and scans every one or two weeks from five weeks onwards, she was amazing, they have really put me at ease that next time we will be doing everything possible to ensure my baby sticks around for a full 40 weeks!!!! I am so happy that finally after two and a half years somebody is prepared to listen and help, if nothing else I now know when pregnant again I will have all the help and support I need and want. So back to ttc, first test day with cbfm today, low obviously, so waiting for a sniff of a high before we get back bd!!!!!!

    So hopefully getting somewhere now and can look forward to the future x
  • Hi 3054. Sounds like your appt went really well for you!!

    So pleased everything is being looked into in more depth, finally!!

    Fingers crossed sweetie that you get your well deserved bubba very very soon!


    PS All is well with us 3, thanks for asking in the other post.
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