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Good News for Ladies with Polycycstic Ovaries

Hi all,

I've been doing some reading up on AMH levels and IVF and I came across an interesting paper. It was very in-depth and I didn't understand half of it! It was generally about AMH levels and associated factors, but it included a study about when AMH levels start to fall, which (as most of you probably know) indicates fewer eggs, therefore lower fertility.

In women with Polycycstic ovaries (whether that is PCOS or not), AMH levels are higher, due to an increased number of immature follicles developing. However, as these rarely amount to mature follicles, so we tend to "use up" less of our egg reserve throughout our lives.

The jist of this is, that women with polycystic ovaries tend to have a lower reproductive age and will have a healthy number off eggs (although stuck in our darn ovaries!) for longer.

Sorry, excessively complicated and drawn-out way of explaining it, but it made me feel better about my situation, so I thought I would share it!


  • So the plus side of PCOS is that we're fertile for longer? Have I understood that right?
  • Thats the general message, yes. AMH stays higher for longer, as we don't ovulate as often, so egg reserve isn't used up. Therefore we should be menopausal later in life.
  • Nice one image

    I won't let the fact that 35 is only just over a year away bother me so much then :lol:
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