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early waking! Help!

Good Morning

I write as I am sat up doing controlled crying with my 2 year old DS because he is now consistently waking at about4 -5 am every morning.

He gets a ready brek / weetabix before bed and has water with him so I know its nut wither of these things. suals re nappy etc are fine.

He does still have a dummy and the last few teeth coming through but this doesnt appear to be the problem tonight

Any ideas really appreciated as CC does not seem to be working xx


  • Didn't want to R&R as we have totally been here and its completely stressful.

    I have to say we have been through this with DD also 2 and it seems to go in phases. Some weeks she doesn't get up till 7 and some weeks its 6. We have now bought her a groclock as I think the dark mornings were confusing! As she would still get up when it was dark at 7 so how would she know she couldn't get up when it was dark at 5?!

    I take it you do all the usual things, consistent bedtime routine, not going to bed too late (this doesn't make them wake later in the morning, quite the oposite!!), not ssleeping too long in the day?

    We do controlled crying every now and then if she starts getting up early but we also put some toys/books at the end of her bed and remindd her she can play with those!!

    Good luck - sorry my waffling post was probably completely useless but i just wanted you to know you're not on your own!!
  • We tried a technique from baby wispher called wake to sleep as DD was also waking between 5am and 5.30am every morning and waking up screaming.

    It involved us going into her room an hour before she had been waking up (so about 4.15isham) and gently rousing her so she was not fully awake but opened her eyes. We simply lifted her out of her coat and said her name and then put her back down. They are meant to start the sleep cycle again and go back into a deeper sleep and therefore sleep longer. It did work and she was sleeping until about 6.30am and sometimes even going through until 7.15am. But the main difference was her temperment when she woke up. She was much happier and calmer and would sit in her cot and chat away to her self until we went and got her (she is 22 months)
  • Thanks, I haven't tried.early waking before..its interesting it works , it just seems strange waking them lol. Well we having been doing the cc on and off when needed, he seems to have a good night , bad night routine. He has had 2 good nights on trot so fc it lasts. Good night means sleeping to gone six and then getting milk. Thanks for ur advice x
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