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Keeping baby entertained?

How do you keep your baby entertained? Phoebe is 19 weeks old and she is really hard to keep entertained. She has every toy you can imagine; playmats that cover practically the whole floor, playmats with the dangly things above them, a jumperoo and a whole bunch of plastic crap that makes noise. However, she will only lay on the playmat for about 5 minutes before she becomes cranky and wants picking up. She is the same in the jumperoo. I think it is the reason why she isnt rolling yet, I put her down and she gets all shouty so I end up picking her up. Even if I play with her (which I do most of the time) she still gets fed up really quickly. Its starting to get a bit much because I cant get anything done. My house is a mess and I spend her nap times running around trying to get everything done whilst she is asleep. I cant clean whilst she is in the sling anymore because she is too big and she gets fed up in that too! The only bonus to having to constantly pick her up is that my thighs are the most toned they have ever been! Any ideas or suggestions? x


  • Hi GB. It's hard isn't it. Jazmine is a bit like this. We joke that like the gym and doing circuits, she has little circuits around the flat. She will start off in her little chair, which has a bar with hanging toys etc, she normally goes in this after her first bottle. Then I normally get her washed and changed after about 30 mins, then perhaps she will go on the play mat. She will normally get bored after about 10-15 mins of this, then she might sit in the bumbo seat with some toys etc, then the door bouncer, and so it goes on. image

    We also have play time on us, ie singing songs etc, she loves music and being jigged around, this she doesn't seem to get fed up of!!

    She seems to nap after her 2nd bottle of the morning, and often a nap mid afternoon too, I use this time to do any housework etc. as when she's asleep in the evening, I'm ready to just chill and put my feet up by then!!

    We try to go out with her once a day, whether its food shopping, a walk around the block or park etc.

    I don't know what else to suggest really as it seems you have everything there to keep her entertained, maybe its a little phase??

    I think when they can sit up, unaided, things will be easier. A lot of it could be frustration for Phoebe too?


    PS Jazzie is still shouting and screeching!!! Agggghhh!
  • oops posted twice
  • Jazzie sounds very similar to Phoebe! She just wants to be walked around all of the time! A lady at the mum and baby group said that she missed her son being the same age as Phoebe because he would sit and cuddle her for ages, Phoebe gets bored after 5 minutes and starts complaining! I just want her to entertain herself long enough that I can eat a meal. Bless her, I love her to bits but she is such a madam! x
  • Ditto!

    I spend so much time running back and forth if I try and do anything when Matilda is awake. She likes her bouncy chair, her mat, her bumbo etc but only for short periods of time. She likes them a bit longer if I am there but sitting watching her in the bouncy chair doesn't help me do anything, but if I get up to move she whinges!

    She also likes to sleep in my arms at least once a day (a habit I want to break), so that loses me a nap time too!

    I hardly ever get any dishes or laundry done until hubby gets home and he takes over with Tilly for a bit so I can get house bits done.

    Like Phoebe and Jazmine, Tilly only doesn't get bored if I sit/walk carrying her while dancing/singing/talking/bouncing. I ought to be a stick insect really from all the lifting & moving :lol:

    Funny that you should say madam Glitterbug as this is exactly how hubby refers to Tilly. And when we watched Charlie & the Chocolate Factory last night he commented that in 8 years or so she would be just like Verucca Salt (the one who demands everything NOW) :lol:

    I am hoping that once she is able to do more things for herself she will be less annoyed about being a baby and then I will get my house in order etc
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