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I'm stuck with weaning!

Hi - sorry I know I am clogging the whole page up. We got the internet back and I now have an obsession with it :lol:

I started trying Tilly on some baby rice last week, I gave it to her for lunch for 3 days on the trot. She was really enjoying it, eager to get the spoon in her mouth and more rice stayed in than dribbled out so from that aspect it seemed to be going well.

I stopped giving it to her, as she seemed to not go for a poo every day any more.

Now I don't know if the rice was actually the cause or if it was just a more random episode as she has been going more often now (but not in a worrying way).

Did your LOs have any poo problems with starting weaning? Did I jump the gun by stopping after 3 days? I'm just always worried I'm doing the wrong thing!

I thought I might try the baby rice again next week and see how we get on this time?

Any advice gratefully received! She is definitely hungry and keen for solids, I am just not sure how to know they are definitely agreeing with her!


  • Hi MrsP

    We started Jazmine on baby rice, but she didn't seem too keen, also she got badly constipated, not sure if it was the rice or the fact we moved onto hungry baby formula (since found out that can cause constipation), so left the rice for a week and went back to normal formula. We now use the Ella's Kitchen puree pouches, which she loves!!!!

    Haven't gone back to the rice, but may well do at some point.

    She's up to 2 meals now, a breakfast, around 9am and a lunch around 12.30. She hasn't dropped any milk feeds, this is all in addition.

    I would def try the rice again, and see how it goes...

    Best of luck.

  • G/C but be prepared for changes to 'poo' once moving onto solids. It is something new to their tiny body & whilst they figger out how to digest it their movements may slow. Try some variation between the more starchy foods like rice/rusks which will slow movements & fruit purees which will encourage movements. If LO goes more than 3days without 'poo' then consult HV/GP for advice.
  • Mrs P,

    My DD suffered with constipation from birth- ie. would go 6 or 7 days frequently without going and then be traumatised by the event when it occurred... she is still prone at age 3. A healthy diet is essential with even normal babies. She used to have cooked wizzed up apricots to help her go- used to do the trick! She still has to have All Bran mixed with weatabix for her breakfast to keep her going which is not ideal as they don't recommend too much fibre for children under 5 but for me I feel its much better than being on quite strong medication for the rest of her life which is the only other alternative.

    However, my DS has been much more regular going every day when just on milk. Absolutely as KazzieM says they will have a big change in their stools once you start weaning- my DS is now munching happily on 3 meals a day... he has rice mixed with homemade wizzed apple or pear for breakfast and then for lunch and tea he has a combination of wizzed up veg from carrots to broccoli to sweet potatos to butternut squash, the list goes on. He now may go every day or every other and his stools are definitely firmer- to be expected really. I haven't found that hes having any bother getting them out though!!

    As someone who knows what its like to have a truly constipated child I genuinely wouldn't worry if your bubba doesn't need to go every day any more.

    Massive Good Luck X
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