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anyone using a birthing unit?

Hiya, its my first baby and as ive sailed through this pregnancy my mw has suggested me going to the local birthing unit which is co located next to the normal maternity ward.

Really like the idea of it as only 4 rooms all ensuite and the same midwife stays with you throughout so no shift changes,its all about active labour and all the rooms have birthing pools in however the only thing is theres no option of an epidural but my mw assures me if I was really wanting one then they would transfer me next door so think im going to go for it so was wondering if anyone else using one or hsa experience of one? x


  • Hi there

    I used a midwife led birthing unit the same as yours, right next to the normal delivery unit. I spent quite a lot of my labour there and it was lovely, I was able to be mobile could sit on the ball and could have got into the water if I had wanted to. Unfortunately when my waters eventually broke there were a couple of issues that meant I transferred to the delivery suite. Even in there I was able to stay upright on the bed (not fully mobile as baby was being monitored) so was labouring in a way that felt right for me.

    I'm going to try it again this time and see how it goes.

    I would say if you want to give it a shot go for it, assuming everything goes smoothly it's a great place to be and if anything changes you have the comfort of knowing you can go next door if needed.

    Good luck

  • I started off in one with DD and it was lovely - unfortunately things didn't go quite to plan and I had to be transferred to the delivery suite of the hospital it was attached to.

    I'll be trying the birthing unit again this time but only because it's attached to a hospital and all the medical bells and whistles are in the same building. I wouldn't consider it otherwise.

    Mrs B xxx
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