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Sippy cups

Hi all,

I noticed when picking my son up at nursery last week that all the children in his group drink from 'big boy cups', i.e. not sippy cups. He still has sippy cups at home and is 33 months old, when should I stop them and give him a big boy cup instead?


  • I'm not sure I've seen any guidance on this. DD is 20 months and for about the last 3 months I've been taking the lid of her sippy cup in the morning when she has breakfast so she can get used to drinking from an open cup. I do wait until she's down to the last cm or so though so she doesn't spill it everywhere.

    The plan is to take the lid of earlier and earlier so that she gets used to not having a lid. I think it works fine at meal or snack times when she's sat down, but I'm not sure I'm ready to risk an open cup every time she fancies a drink!
  • do it when it's right for you and him.

    Try a Doidy cup (cheap on amazon or ebay) which helps cos it's slanted and he'll be able to see the liquid better which can help. Or use a straw cup or sports type bottle, so it's more grown up without the full challenge of an open cup.

    OR just try an open cup and don't stress if he makes mess, just see and he may surprise you.

  • Abby loved her sippy cups. I think she found them comforting but I wasn't happpy with her continuing to use them. Anyway she has been capable of using an open cup for over a year but just didn't want to so as she approached her 3rd birthday we had chats about the fact that big girls (3 yr olds) don't use sippy cups. On her birthday she got a selection of nice open cups and we removed the sippy cups.

    H xx
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